We are ARCHIBUS Solution Centers - Philippines, Inc.

First in Facility Management automation in the Philippines

Since 2008, ARCHIBUS Inc. (Tremont, Boston) has been collaboratively working with its business partner in the Philippines to bring ARCHIBUS capabilities and Total Infrastructure and Facility Management (TIFM) leadership to the Philippine business community. Opportunities were made, and a local distributorship introduced and implemented the ARCHIBUS TIFM system to (among others) the only international development-finance bank in the region, the largest telecommunications company, and a premier IT services organization. With the growing demand for the ARCHIBUS TIFM in the market, in 2012 we finally launched ARCHIBUS Solution Centers - Philippines, Inc. (ASC-Philippines, Inc.)

ASC-Philippines, Inc. is an information technology services company headquartered at Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines We are the designated master reseller of ARCHIBUS software in the the country. Read about us

ARCHIBUS: The #1 Solutions for Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Facilities Management in the World

Infrastructure and facilities are crucial to the overall performance of your organization. By effectively managing them, you can better respond to internal and market shifts while reducing overall cost structure and improving asset utilization. By using just one integrated solution, organizations can leverage pre-existing data, reduce inconsistent information, and ease the burden of supporting multiple information technology systems. Whether your organization leases, owns, or outsources its facility operations, you can boost productivity and profitability with one integrated, end-to-end solution—ARCHIBUS.

The benefits of using ARCHIBUS:

  • It improves operational effectiveness and minimizes unnecessary expenditures by optimizing asset and infrastructure life cycles.
  • It creates an accurate, central information repository to control spending and improve asset allocation.
  • It provides intelligent dashboards and reports that track key performance indicators, mitigate risk, and address regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • It streamlines business processes via workflow control to improve operational efficiency.

ARCHIBUS products address the needs of large and small corporations, banks, and utilities, hospitals, state and municipal governments, colleges and universities, and government agencies—in short, any organization needing timely real estate, infrastructure, or facilities information which is essential to strategic business planning.

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Philip Morris International 

“For the last decade, we had been managing all these activities through a collection of home-made tools that made information and process standardization difficult, which is why we wanted to integrate more of both into a single system.” 

-Yves Streuli, General Services Senior Systems Analyst

Time Warner

We've saved over a million dollars in project management fees, using ARCHIBUS."

-Donnie Walden, Director, Facility Information Systems


Ford Land

“Among the competitors, ARCHIBUS represented better value for the money and had a more robust support mechanism in place in Europe,” 

-Steve Snook, CAFM Implementation Engineer

Great American Insurance Company

"We looked at another application but only ARCHIBUS was able to integrate tightly with our AutoCAD so that linking and manipulating information was easy."

- Jeffrey Paul, Real Estate Manager